Brandon "Vibeout." Gooch is a hip-hop lyricist based in Nashville,TN who fuses deep lyrical content with the soothing melodic waves of Jazz instrumentations and soulful productions.

He is one of the founding members of the entertainment collective "Blacc Dope" and has ties into the music industry culture in every aspect of Nashville, TN.  Some might even move to say that Vibeout. is one of the vital spokes in the forever turning wheel of Music City.

After releasing his first single "New Day" in 2019 and shortly thereafter "Talk To Me", both pieces continue to be legendary crowd favorites amongst locals and regional fans alike.

Vibeout. - now signed to a development contract with local management company, Black Sheep's Society Enterprises LLC - is working on releasing his first EP project in 2021.  He is also expanding his brand story by hosting events, podcasts, and soon-to-be cooking show in the upcoming year while planting his roots as a budding A&R and talent scout for other emerging artists.

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