Namir Blade, of the indie record label Mellow Music Group and management company Black Sheep's Society Enterprises LLC, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer & recording artist from Nashville, TN.


He started experimenting with sounds at the age of six and further developing and refining his talents from middle school well into high school while attending Nashville School of the Arts. Over the years he has had projects and collaborations that extended to multiple genres from House to Hip-hop. He has worked with some of Nashville’s most renowned artists and is widely known for his unique and experimental sound. His stylings are often, self-reflective, innovative, organic, and almost sporadic at times. It is as if he is giving the listener a window to investigate the mind of a modern Afro-American. Surrealism, Afro-Futurism, Nerd culture, and black culture bleeds through his music as primary influencers so that anyone lending an ear is immediately ejected from their seat.


Namir released his debut single, "Aphelion's Traveling Circus", in August 2020 under the Mello Music Group imprint with immediate rave reviews from different arms of the entertainment industry.

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