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Alexis Wolfe was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1996. She spent her later years being raised in Atlanta, Georgia and was brought to Nashville, Tennessee as she served 4 years in the military. Alexis better known as “Wolfe” is a poet, spoken word artist, writer and violinist. With every performance, she believes in invoking emotion from the audience and accredits herself as poetically saying things other people don’t have the courage or depth to say. 

Winner of the June 2021 ATL Monthly Poetry Slam

This poem written by Alexis Wolfe showcases the woes of depression and suicidal ideation. It goes through a visual of events to showcase warning signs of a suicidal person and has an amazing plot twist. An excerpt from the visual is as follows:

I Should Commit Suicide
So don’t try to convince me that
My life is worth living
With these thoughts that I am better off dead
I don’t want to go on another day
But now I realize
Death may be my only escape
And I no longer believe
There is another way
I hope it’s not too late

(Now read from the bottom up)

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