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We’d like to introduce you to some of the people
who make Black Sheep what it is today.

Levon "Lilly" Franklin

Founder | Co-CEO

Sexuality Advocate, Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author


Who is Lilly Mac – That’s a loaded question. Lilly Mac is the full embodiment of a queen, black girl magic, passions, talents, and goals. Levon aka Lilly Mac aka Momma aka Momager aka Boss has been guiding people on their paths in life since Kindergarten.

Born in the 1980's, in the rough Cochran Gardens housing projects of St. Louis, MO, Levon was surrounded by violence on a daily basis. Her parents did their best to shield her from the constant view of death by enrolling her in charter schools and programs for the gifted. This set her on her path of educational excellence. However, even in the face of friends getting shot and babies falling out of high-rise windows, Levon was able to emerge as an individual – not becoming a product of her own environment – she was a true black sheep.

In third grade, her parents were able to move the family to the “suburbs” to offer their children a better education and a safer environment, but Levon still had the “streets” lay a foundation in how she dealt with any situation. After graduating high school with 4.8GPA and college credits from the esteemed Washington University, Levon’s original future goal to become a neurosurgeon was cut short when she found out she was pregnant at the age of 19. Four children later and a budding career in Accounting has never stopped the leader that resided within.

With her tenacity and take-charge capacity for life, Levon took on the pseudonym Lillian MacKenzie Rhine aka Lilly Mac and published her first novel, Memoirs of a Succubus in 2012. After ten novels and the title of International Best-Selling Author in the genres of paranormal and male on male romance, Lilly learned how to cultivate and grow a successful brand from nothing.

When she relocated to Nashville, TN in 2014, she never expected to compile her drive to lead and her knowledge for branding in the music industry as a manager.  Within her first two years of management of her entertainment group, The Black Sheep’s Society, Lilly had a roster of fourteen artists in various genres ranging from Punk to Soul. In 2015, she expanded once again to include brand clients such as retired Buffalo Bill and Atlanta Falcon, Terrance Pennington.

After taking a year off to focus on completing a few personal goals, Lilly returned to management in 2018 with her eyes set on creating an empire out of her small management company.  Black Sheep’s Society Enterprises LLC (BSSE) was established August 2019, where growth of her roster took on a new meaning.  Within the first thirty days, her roster of four doubled on the music side and her brand clients increased over one hundred percent.

Currently, Lilly Mac of BSSE manages Mello Music's - Namir Blade, "Live LOST" creator - SeddyMac, Corey Gray aka C-Dub of WQQK 92Q, as well as an extremely talented host of other artists around the nation. She has also started her own sexual freedom revolution by educating the masses on healthy dating and mating through her monthly series called “Let’s Talk About Sex” held in Historic East Nashville – Five-Points neighborhood. Lilly Mac continues to expand on her personal brand and business endeavors in order to achieve the goal of creating the most notable independent record label and entertainment company in the nation as well as provide a legacy that can be seen amongst her clients and artists and grow within her family unit.

Roberto "Berto" Martinez

Director of Creative Services


Roberto Martinez, a first-generation college graduate from Mishawaka, Indiana, started his foundation in an extensive, musical household. As University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne alum with a degree in Music Technology paired with several concentrations including but not limited to marketing management, engineering and recording, with a minor in Business Administration, Roberto also found the drive to complete a collegiate career in football.


After transplanting to Nashville shortly thereafter, Roberto soon found himself starting his journey in the entertainment industry as producer of musicality and vocalizations, engineer and songwriter. He also utilized his structured foundation and higher education to pave his way in business as an entrepreneur in his early 20’s.


In 2019, he curated an interactive, innovative camp for music producers called “The Session” that brought together creatives from Nashville and surrounding areas with the mission to aid restructuring and building the entertainment community not only in “Music City” but also the South. Other notable achievements and mentions include being a founding member of Tilt Fest – an urban Nashville music festival as well as the Blacc Dope Podcast – a media platform centered around the formation of music while speaking life into the community. Roberto has also partnered with other local factions and organizations in facilitating events in an effort to construct physical and literal stages for artists to have a voice.


Currently Roberto is President and CEO of Cocos Backstage Inc., a staple in Nashville’s music venues. He also has been named Director of Creative Services for Black Sheep Society Ent. shaping and molding the sound of music’s future. 

Tory Lava

Public Relations Director


Hailing from New Jersey, Tory Lava is now a Nashville, TN based public relations wizard.


She graduated from William Paterson University with a bachelor's degree in communications and has been working in public relations and marketing for years. She fell in love with live music at the age of 13 and knew right then and there she would work in the entertainment business.


When she's not creating databases, writing pitch letters or blogging, she is cooking pasta or making a burrito, eating Takis or flaming hot Cheetos, or going for a run or a hike. Tory Lava is a body-positive feminist who also has an Instagram account just for foods.

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